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Friday, June 14, 2013

Italian Buttercream

Okay, this buttercream is the BEST! It has a lot of butter in it, but believe me it tastes wonderful!!  My pastry instructor at the green ladle taught me how to make this. Make sure you  fallow the recipe exactly or else it wont turn out.

1 lb sugar
1/2 C water
8oz egg whites
2lbs butter (cut into med. chunks)
1T Vanilla extract

Combine 12 oz of the sugar with the water in a heavy bottom sauce pan and bring to a boil over medium- high heat, stirring to dissolve the sugar. Continue cooking. without stirring, to the soft ball stage. 240 deg F.

Meanwhile, place the egg whites in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the wire whip attachment.

when the sugar syrup has reached about 230 deg. whip the egg whites on medium speed until frothy. Gradually add the remaining 4 oz of sugar and beat the meringue to medium peaks.

When the sugar syrup reaches 240 deg add it to the meringue in a slow, steady stream while whipping on medium speed. Whip on high speed until the meringue has cooled to room temp.

Add the soft butter one peace at a time, mixing until fully incorporated after each addition, scrape down the sides of the bowl as needed. Blend in the vanilla.  Now the buttercream is ready to use!

Makes enough to frost two 6' OR two 8' Or  one 10'-12'

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Homemade Ranch Revised

Lately I have been making ranch a lot! but I have found a much better way to make it. It is just so much better than my other recipe, with the fresh garlic, and not the sour cream. I love it

2 C Real mayo
1/2 - 2/3 C milk (depending of how thick you like it)
1 T minced garlic
1 t Sweet Basil
1 t Oregano
1 t Parsley
Salt and pepper to taste

Mix well and enjoy!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Super Busy!

Well, I don't even know where to start!

Two days ago I got back from NYC. I went with my best friend, for her 18th birthday celebration. We saw Cinderella on Broadway. We went to the metropolitan museum of art, and the museum of natural history, and we got soaked to the bone with rain.
About three weeks ago my brother, my brothers best friend, My two best friends, and I graduated high school. We had such a great time! It was not your typical graduation. first of all there were only five of us, and all of us are home schooled.
In case you are wondering, no I haven't aged three years, I am still 15. But I finished all of my high school credits, so my parents thought sense I am starting college in the fall, I might as well do an official graduation now.

In January I started a cooking program with our local high school, called The Green Ladle. They only accept thirty kids out of the hundreds that want to be apart of the program. The Chef, and Pastry Chef teach us how to make different kinds of food. For a few months out of the year, they have a lunch time restaurant that the students help to run by cooking, and doing wait staff jobs.  The last day of  the culinary school for this school year is June 13th. In September it will start back up again. I have really enjoyed this program, and can not wait to start back up in September!

Now it is almost summer! I can't wait, I am so excited!! In the mean time while we are waiting, here is a nice recipe to get you in the mood for summer.

This is a recipe for a fantastic smoothie. I usually don't like fruit smoothies, but this one is so good!
It almost tastes like a milkshake!!!

The recipe is:

3 bananas broken up (I like unfrozen)
1 big scoop of peanut butter
1 big scoop of Nutella
about 1.5 C milk (more or less depending if you like thick or thin smoothies)

Blend together in a blender then enjoy!!
Makes about 3 servings
If you use frozen bananas you will have a thicker smoothie, and it might taste a bit different.
I prefer the way that fresh bananas taste in my smoothie.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

salt and thanksgiving

For a thanksgiving beverage i was going to make lemon aid. a nice, quick, yummy and easy drink right?? so i went to make the lemon aid in a fancy clear glass pitcher. I added the 1 C lemon juice, what i thought was 1 c sugar, and the rest of the space with water. the "sugar" was SALT.

 before we sat down for supper i tried some turkey it was great;  but i wanted something to drink after i finished with that bite so i tried some lemon aid just about as soon as that drink went into my mouth  I decided to get it back out of there!! that was groce! my little brother and little sister didn't believe me that it was salt so they had to try it to, and they also thought it was salt! My older brother was not inside at the time that all of that happened so when we sat down to supper he pored him self up some lemon aid Lucky mom said not to "guzzle" (as he always dose) and in about 2 minutes he tried some he had to immediately had to get it out of there too! to get that taste he poured up some milk (earlier that day i had switched it form cows milk to goats milk which a friend have to us. Now my older brother dose not like goats milk so he says) I casually asked him if his other drink tastes okay, he said yes, but it tastes like whole milk and we buy skim milk that's when he found out that he was drinking goats milk and he liked it!!!

so here is the recipe for sugarie lemonade  (for a one gallon container)

2c lemon juice
just less than 2c sugar
and the the rest of the way full of water stir and enjoy!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011


 What makes french fries taste so good???? Tell me what the best part of french fries are to you. Or why you don't like them. Or you can tell me why you like something different, such as: onions, chocolate, peanut butter, or even pizza. So tell me why?

Here is a recipe for french fries:
 Makes enough for 4

4 large potatoes cut into small log type peaces
12 cups of oil (if using a fry daddy or enough to fill your frying pot)

If using the fry daddy:
Preheat your fry daddy to 300 deg F.
After your oil is preheated put enough potatoes to fill your basket about 2/3 of the way full. Repeat this until all of your potatoes are cooked once, then bump up the temp to 375 and re cook your fries until golden brown. This method is called the restaurant stile.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Are you a chicken?


Well today is the day to butcher our 12 chickens! That is good and bad, the good part about it is: we have 12 whole chickens in our freezer, but the bad part is that my mom and I have to pluck them. :(
Luckily my brothers are doing the gross part and I don't have to do that!
anyway, here is a step by step process on how to K*** a chicken:

1.  First thing you need to do is tie its feet up so you can have something to hold on to when it tries to run/fly away (and believe me it does) our chickens just lay there like they are waiting for a message or something. then you need to make sure your knife(s) are very sharp.  
2.  After the head is off you will need to let it bleed for a few minutes, 
3.  Next you will need to dunk the whole chicken in your boiling water for just a few minutes, then test to see if the feathers are ready to come out with ease, if they don't you will need to dunk the chicken again
4.  plucking: just take all of the feathers out,
5. Moving on to butchering!!!
Well I will just post pictures instead of describing this :)
6.  On to the plucking (well getting all of the little feathers out that they missed! This is what I do)
After all of the little tiny feathers are out it is time for packaging and freezing!
For packaging  we just use freezer paper and freezer tape, and label it!! and just put them in the freezer


Butchering a chicken Part 2

Butchering a chicken part 1

This was only the first out of 12! The excitement only went down from there.

  A close up of the chicken. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

foodie jokes!

If a Tomato is a fruit isn't ketchup a smoothie?
- unknown

This is my new invention: Crossing a Hoosier and a Fry daddy and calling it a Hoosier-daddy.  Ha ha ha ha
- Biscuit

What did the mayonnaise say to the refrigerator?
Close the door, I'm dressing!

The customer asked: "Do you serve crabs here?"
"Yessir," replied the waiter. "We'll serve just about anybody."

What starts with "t" ends with "t" and is filled with "t"?
A teapot.

What does the richest person in the world make for dinner every night?

What has ears but can't hear a thing?
A cornfield.

What did one knife say to the other?
You look sharp!
Why did the man stare at the can of orange juice?
Because it said 'concentrate.'

I trained my dog not to beg at the table.
How did you do that?
I let him taste my cooking.

I got most of these jokes from this site:

Sunday, July 24, 2011

We're Havin' a heat wave:(

Well it has been soooo hot here for the last few days, it even got up to 106deg.    So what to do when it gets THAT hot??    Well, EAT POPSICLES! and fruit salad, and dunk your head/body in a icy cold tub of water ohhhhhhhh that sounds sooooo good!!!!

A good recipe for fruit salad:
Water Melon
4 fresh peaches washed,  or 1 16oz can of peaches
2 apples cut into small bite sized pieces
1/2 bag of grapes (use more or less as wanted)
2 oranges cut small
3 bananas cut small
1/2 to 1c of walnuts (optional)

Mix well, cool and..... ENJOY!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cheese-y bread

This bread is amazing!! I would recommend it for any occasion!

 What is in this delicious bread you may ask, well I will tell you! It is just artisan bread in 5 mins a day, we stuffed it with cheese (I used shredded American cheese) and herbs! We served this dish with sauteed peppers and onions. OH my word it was AMAZING!!
I think I am going to make this about EVERYDAY!!!

What we did to form it was.....
 roll it out like a rectangle pizza, spread it with cheese (if you want you could put meat in it, I would put hamburger, or ground turkey) then proceed to wrap your dough from the narrow side. Bake at 400 deg  for 35mn.
Now I am NOT the expert at making this bread, my mom makes this bread at my house, so if you get stuck in making this bread just follow this link and they should be able to help you!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Tis the Season!!!!

Well My family and I went strawberry picking today!!! I can't wait to make... strawberry rhubarb pie, strawberry shortcake, strawberry preserves, strawberry EVERYTHING!!!!!!

So, my mom's friend, Miss J came with us today and when the lady who worked there said they had the variety called Earli-Glos Miss J stopped everything and said, "OH!!! You have Earli-Glos, I'm in heaven!!! "  Later, after about 15 mins into picking I tried one and well, I agree!

We picked 4 or 5 gallons today!!! And we were only there for about 1 hour, you know what they say many hands make light work!